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Right to Know Law

Public Record Access:
The Borough of Downingtown complies with the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law (click here to view). Requests for examination or copies of public records should be made in writing on the Right-to-Know Uniform Request Form. (Download Form). 
The completed request form may be presented in person, by mail, by facsimile, or by electronic means, and should be addressed to the respective Open Records Officer listed below. 
Records in possession of the Borough of Downingtown are presumed to be a public record unless they fall within a listed exemption, are privileged or are protected from disclosure under a federal or state law or regulation or court order. 
“Record” Definition:
The term “record” means information in any form documenting a “transaction or activity” of an agency. Records include: documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, film or sound recordings, electronically maintained information, date and image processed documents. 
Record Format:
A public record will be provided in the medium in which it exists, except that a public record which is kept in electronic format will be duplicated on paper if requested. The Borough of Downingtown will not compile, maintain, format or organize a public record in a manner in which it does not already do so, nor will it create a public record which does not currently exist in response to a request. 
Prepayment: Copying fees estimated to exceed $100 require prepay.
Response Time: Five (5) business days - Grant or deny request for records.
Denial/Appeal: Fifteen (15) business days. Time limit for appeal of denial to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. See address below.
Judicial Review: Court of Common Pleas Decision of the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records may be appealed to Chester County Common Pleas Court.

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Pennsylvania Office of Open Records
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Open Records             
Commonwealth Keystone Building 
400 North Street, 4th Floor       
Harrisburg, PA  17120-0225 
Phone:  717-346-9903       
Fax:  717-425-5343  

Open Records Officer (Borough)

Millie Byerly
Administrative Assistant
Borough of Downingtown    
4 W. Lancaster Avenue   
Downingtown, PA  19335    
Phone:  610-269-0344 ext. 201
Fax:  610-269-1580  

Open Records Officer (Police)

Chief Howard Holland
Downingtown Police Department   
10 W. Lancaster Avenue
Downingtown, PA  19335
Phone:  610-269-0263 
Fax:  610-269-8754  

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