Downingtown Area Regional Authority

Conflict Committee

To handle any conflicts that arise under the Wastewater Service Agreement. Chairman will have authority to appoint a third member on an ad hoc basis. Such member may be another Board member of the Authority, or the solicitor, engineer, executive director, or administrator as situation dictates.

Year 2018 Members

Josh Young, Joe Roscioli

Construction Committee

To approve change orders or other project work requiring immediate Board approval, and to review and approve project specifications, drawings or construction work as necessary. Such actions to be verified by full Board approval at next Board meeting following such actions.

Year 2018 Members

Tom Jacoby, Dan Castaldi, Joe Roscioli

Administrative Committee

To review administrative problems that occur between Board meetings and to give direction to Director in such matters, and annual Budget preparation, investments and audit reviews.

Year 2018 Members

Larry Baker, Dan Castaldi, Josh Young

Board Members

NameTitleTerm Expires
Josh Young


Dec 31, 2019

Joseph Roscioli

Vice Chairman

Dec 31, 2022

Lawrence Baker


Dec 31, 2020

Dan Castaldi

Assistant Treasurer

Dec 31, 2021

Tom Jacoby


Dec 31, 2018

Joseph Drozd

Asst. Secretary


Herbert Mays

Asst. Secretary