Sewer / Refuse Billing

Utility Bill Information

The Sewer/Refuse bills are mailed quarterly to all residential property owners in the Borough. The bills are mailed at the beginning of January, April, July and October.  To avoid late charges, bill must be paid by due date listed on the bill.
Rates: Sewer Usage rate is $7.00 per 1000 gallons.  Refuse/Recycling fee is $60.00 per quarter.  
Delinquent Notice: If payment is not received by due date, a 10% penalty fee is added to the balance.
Doorhangers: If delinquent bill is not paid within 10 calendar days, a doorhanger will be issued and a $15 penalty fee will be added to the balance.   
Shutoffs: If amount posted on doorhanger is not paid within 10 calendar days of the doorhanger date, water will be shut off. Once account is put on the shutoff list, a $50 fee is added to the account. 
NSF: For any check payments that are returned, a $35 fee will be charged. Additionally, no checks will be accepted as payment for 1 year. (Account must be paid with cash, credit card or money order)